I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. We are in a long distance relationship, and I was suppose to move in with him this month, but last month I met someone else. I was more than willing to give up my great relationship for someone that I hardly know, but we are so great together and just get each other. The catch: he also has a girlfriend that lives with him. I feel terrible but we both feel the same. I dont know what to do.
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  1. I don’t know why people feal the need to take something that is not theirs. No matter how much you think you want something. He belonged to someone else and you have robbed that from her. How will you feal when someone does that to you one day? I can’t tell you what to do in the new relationship, but your man of 3 years deserves better. And he should know that you were willing to give him up after this fling. Don’t you know its always great in the beginning? I bet you thought your boyfriend was the moon and the stars when you met him. Commitment means sticking it out and building eachother into better people for eachother. And the new guy will miss his woman and go back. Thats what we men do.

  2. I know you are right,neither one of us were really happy in our relationships, they are just too convienent. Its a grey area now for us both. We both feel horrible, but we cant just turn off our feelings now. thank you for your honesty though.

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