Cant move on

I was dumped by a friend last year and i can’t move on. I obessively check his facebook, and twitter account and the twitter of his roomates to see what he is doing. I am going to a concert that he is going to just so i can run into him. I want him to like me again so badly. I think about him all day, every day. I am so obsessed that I cant even feel the time that has passed. It has been one long day without him. I hope he sees me and wants to be friends, but i know that wont happen. I am stuck, and cant move on. I think he is the greatest person i have ever met. He dumped me because he was dependent on me and needed space, now i am dependent on him, and he is not ever here. I have to stop checking his accounts and his roommates accounts. I have to move on. We are online together at the same time all day, every day and he doesnt chat me, but he put me on a forward of his best friends a month ago. I dont know what that means. I am so hurt by his lack of caring for me. Its all i think about.
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