biggest mistake of my life

three years ago in september i aborted my first baby, i gave into pressure from my family and my boyfriend (now ex)
I will never firgive myself nor will i be able to fill the hole in my life and in my heart. RIP baby girl
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  1. hey God has a plan for everyone… he made that baby… he knew the outcome before you even decided maybe his lesson is to show you how special a baby is and how sensitive sex is and how one day you will be the best mother to another child bc of this experience which could lead that child into great things… That girl is always your daughter GOD BLESS

  2. It,s OK
    it,s ok I forgive you and if you believe so doe god,i don,t believin abortion unless it effects the MOTHERS Health,if the babys deformed deal with(this is,nt to you)You probably werent ready to have a baby if you gave into preure,maybe some other day.Your not a horrible person yoyur a smart,beutiiful Female,I wrote more before but puhed the wrong button,I Frgive you,your not a Horrible loud.Your Not Hitler.Your Not satan(?)your not a terrrist(thing,s)You are,nt them Relax.I Forgive you have a nice labor day.And Remember,I FORGIVE You.

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