am i expecting much?

here,i want to confess about somthng,somone, who is the most imp person in my life, my husband. i love him so much he loves me too. But i can show it, he can’t. and that’s what hurts me the most. he never say “i love u”, only says me too, i say it always. I need to hear that smtims also. he is unromantic and i think he takes me for granted. never does anything special for me. i have done a lot for him and still doing, cant i expect a little love and care from him?
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  1. SAME HERE I understand exactly how you feel. I once stopped saying I love you to my husband for 7 days and it took me saying something for him to notice. I to feel taken for grated, because I am a stay at home wife. I wait on my husband had a foot, cook , clean, look good, not over weight. Seems like nothing I do makes a difference to him. All I can tell you is that now I dont do that stuff for him. I do it if I want to do it or just to be nice with no expectations in return because I dislike being hurt all the time. I understand and even though I dont know you I know how you feel. Thank you for being a dedicated wife and a wonderful person:)

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