Pt2: Who Sues Governments For Medical Experimentation Through Patent Research

Pt2: who sues Governments for medical experimentation through patent research. Dr.

Fleming added a petition to file a lawsuit with the Hague for Crimes Against Humanity and he is one of many, including Colonel Theresa Long MD of the US Airforce who spoke out when 200k Air Force soldiers went down like the Titanic after their vaccinations.

She believes it to be China weakening the military of us and our allies to take notes for a future upcoming invasion.

Google her presentation before Congress.

In the two years we have been unvaxxed we have tested negative until my Grandfathers funeral two weeks ago.

My mom tested positive, and then so did I.

She has been very ill, and I have been taking care of her.

Due to the fact I use to get pneumonia, I ordered us a Z-Pak which helped.

She has also been on an Ivermectin treatment, and after two weeks of running a 102-100 degree fever it FINALLY broke this morning!

Praise God.

My sister was her roomate but suddenly moved out during the pandemic, and my mom is self employed, she could not carry the bills by herself.

So I moved in and have been caring for her with strict medical protocals due to CoVid and managed to keep her healthy for two entire years, including financially.

The house we are renting went up for sale in mid December which made matters even more stressful during the Holidays.

It is so expensive only an investment firm could afford to buy it.

We have to move, because my neighbor who lives behind me said they will be raising the rent, which will make it too expensive for me to carry us both.

I was laid off last January but thanks to bitcoin have been able to make and manage my money and been blessed to pay all my bills but it's still scary.

Thank you for the winnings bitcoin, it has been such a blessing.

I may have to move us, and she is too weak to be moved at this time.

Have been stuck in a court case for awhile and although the settlement offer is dirt and will leave me in medical debt, I think about taking it just so I can put a down payment on a house in another city or purchase land and rent a temporary trailer until I can build a home on it.

The DUI defense is trying to force me to pay a $7k Deposition Doctor fee due to switching after 8 requests to do free Depositions by Written Questions to Zoom which cost a small fortune.

The court knew I could not take on any financial burden but the Judge is in the pocket of the insurance firm.

My mom will be 70 this year, and I worry about our future although I shouldn't because I know God always provides.

It's just hard because her boyfriend is too cheap to rely on financially although they have been together 20 years.

Why the hell is she still renting?

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