My Sister And I Were Very Young When Our Father Ran Off

My sister and I were very young when our father ran off .

Mom worked all the time to pay rent and bills and to feed and cloth us so we were left alone a lot.

Since Kathy is older than me she is always in charge and I have to do what ever she says or be punished .One day she handed me some of her clothes and told me to put them on,I asked her why and she told me that I had to do what ever she told me to do so stop asking questions.I knew better than refuse because I would get the belt by her or mom and maybe both so I stripped on the spot and put on the clothes she handed me.She watched as I put on the shiny pain lacy panties and matching bra,the little plaid skirt and shear white button up shirt and finally the black pumps with the 2 inch heel.I had problems walking in the shoes because of the heel but she made me walk around in them till I learned how to .She handed me a bottle of pink nail polish and told me to paint my toe and finger nails and as soon as they were dry made me put the heels back on .

She told me she was glad that I had long hair as she fixed it up and after putting some makeup on me told me I made a pretty little girl.I went over to look at myself in the mirror and was suprized and had to agree with her.

My sister made me dress up like a girl every day after school and I just started doing it on my own.

I would go to my room and there would be an outfit laying on my bed and I would change into it immediatly then fix my hair and do my makeup and one day I realized that I liked wearing the girl clothes and felt so feminine when dressed like a girl

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