Leaving my home.. wana die.

This is my last night in this house and i am sad. i have lived her my hole life. we are moving cuz my dad lost his job. i am leaving my bf and all my firneds. i hurt so bad. i am sitting on my floor with my laptop and all i can think it run away. run away and they will have to leave tommorrow and i can stay here. run away. but i cant and in the moring i will get into the truck and we will drive away and i will die
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  1. When I was just born my mother left my father and went to live with her parents. Then my father asked her to come back, so when I was 11 months old she went back leaving me with my grandparents, who treated me very nicely. Four years later she and my father came back again, with a little sister, and took me away. We moved to another country, and for the rest of my childhood I hardly ever again saw my grandparents, the house I was brought up in, the people I knew or the country I loved. I lived with my violent and unpleasant father in a different country in a horrible boring town. I used to contemplate suicide at the age of eight, but wasn’t sure how to do it successfully. But I survived. Life is what you make it. When I felt bad one day my father’s father said to me “Remember this. You can’t keep a good man down!” And I determined I would not be kept down. You will do the same.

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