I was Pressured into Impregnating my Sister-in-law

I was pressured into impregnating my sister-in-law when I was 17. because my brother was left sterile from a tumour on his nutsack, and his wife wanted children. She would come into my room at night and sit on top of me, but I wasn’t allowed to touch her. Now that I’m a father, it really bothers me to hear my child call my brother daddy. It actually feels like a stab in the chest, and I want to tell my wife, but I know I can’t. Don’t think I’m lying because it’s the truth, and I’m willing to prove it by all means possible.

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  1. Just be happy for your brother and don’t let it bother you. I did the same thing for my brother. The only difference was he and she let me make love to her like I would if she were my wife. I take great joy in seeing how happy he and his wife are.

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