I die a little on the inside

Everytime my husband of 16 years calls me a fatass , I die a little on the inside …and when I realize my children have heard him call me that, I worry for them…that they will grow up thinking that it is ok for a man to talk to them like that or that this is what a marriage is.

Everyone I know commends me for the 50 lbs I have lost ( I have another 20 to go to get to my ideal weight )…but all I hear is my husband calling me a fatass….everytime we argue…even last night.

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  1. Hangup Woman are hung up on those words. There’s not a woman in the world even if she is 110 lbs that likes being called fat. You can lose the weight. But he will still call you that. It’s just a word people use when they argue. I have been known to personally pull out all the stops when I argue. If I know it’ll hurt her and I feal like shes hurt me it’s on. Too bad it hurts you so. A better reaction would be to say to him, “your not exactly making the world a lighter place either” and try to laugh with him. But dont die about it. Look at your kids each time and say “see kids, now you know how not to treat your wife some day” Make sure to reinforce good habbits in your children. Tell them not to hit woman,lie to women, not to call them fat, to be nice to them over and over again till they get it. btw I dont pull out all the stops as a habit. I just used to before I learned some empathy.

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