vampire movies

I have watched a lot of dracula films and ghost films lately from the 1970s and i just love the old fashioned furniture in the sets … i seen DEAD AND LOVING IT last night and i love the interior sets in that movie, the walls, bedhead and pillows and dressing down and clothes, the ball room dance and ballgowns i just adore. i wish i was living in a movie set like that. another movie i seen was vampires in love and an old countess vampire movie from the 70s and one called Dracula great loves that had a slight western edge to it with the old western style movie titles and clothes… i started to love it. I seen the old movie house on the haunted hill, the gargon and an old 1975 sherlock film a study in terror i think was the title and liked them so much. i did a essay at university on the Dracula genre once and the western genre – i was never really a western movie fan but seen a few as a kid cuz my dad loved the old ones.
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