the boy next door

When i was in highschool my parents moved to central america with the church. i was left alone a lot, with a maid. there was a boy next door, real upper middle class. i could see his room from mine, across the patio.

when he would see me he would prance, and grab his crotch, and make gestures like he was having sex. i would watch him, and smile. one day, he pointed at me and pointed at his crotch and mouthed as he used the fucking motion, “you and me”.

silly boy. i was doing my homework the next day, and he came to the window and dropped his pants and showed me his ding-a-ling. i blushed, and used a motion of my fingers to show it was too little.

next thing i know he was at the door. the maid let him in, and called me to come down. he was there, very good looking, and asked me my name. i told him, and he told me his.

he asked to go up to my room, which was a no-no. then he asked me to out with him for a coffee. so i went, and he took me right next door to his house. he told the maid to go back to her room, and took me straight upstairs to his room. i bet he watched me a lot, i had never thought about him looking at me.

he went right to the point, and said we should do it. i said no, and he just pressed agains me and put his hand on my crotch, and kissed me, and pushed me on the bed and got on top of me.

he dry humped me, and then kneeled back and pulled down my pants. he looked at my pussy, and then undid his pants, and pushed them off, and reached down and took mine totally off.

he told me to spread, so i did, and he played with himself until he was hard, and climbed on top, and the rest is history.

we fucked for the rest of highschool, and when he got back from college i married him. he still fucks me, a preachers kid. and i enjoy it as much as i did when i was in school.

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