strip in front of maid

i am an army officer who is 45 now and am fairly senior in rank. i have been stripping myself to total nakedness in front of the maids working in the house right from the time i was 13 years old. actually the first time i was naked and shagging off and the maid, a 30 yr old female walked in on me. i was alone in the house and the moment she saw me, she gasped. thats it. i got hooked onto it. thereafter my entire life, i look for situations when i can strip and shag off when alone in the house with the maid. age does not matter. the moment i am alone and my wife has gone out somewhere, i strip and manage to show myself to the unsuspecting maids. thnakfully i have never got into any trouble till date, infact i have managed to screw two of them. others just would get used to me doing it for them.
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  1. Strip in front of maid I have been stripping off in front of maids for last 14 years (when I was 16). I don’t know why but it gives me immense pleasure more than anything else. For the very first time it was an accident. I took my shower and came out from bath and was nude in my room. The maid ( a , 55 years lady) entered suddenly and when she saw me she felt ashemed and went out. since then I try to set up similar situation whenever new maid comes to my home. So far , atleast 12 maid have experienced my nudity.

  2. Strip in front of Servants Hey guys, it’s not just you will have all the fun, always.
    Girls are much ahrad in many things specially in off clothing affairs. I do show of my body in front of my ‘Naukar’. I am 19 years old and I stay in New Delhi with my parents. Both my parents are working and I am a college student. We have a full time servant at home. He is Vasant, a middle aged man. Vasant frequently gets glimpses of upskirt. one day I intensionally called him in my room asked for a cup of coffee. I kept my attached bath door open and was standing topless. The moment he enters in my room his pair of eyes hit straight to my bare tits. Oh, what a moment!! lol !!

  3. strip in front of relative i am 21 years old my mothers sister is very hot and sexy though she is old she always plays with me like put her hand around my belly and stuff but i started to touch her hip without creating a suspicion wow amazing feel like i touch her whenever i get the chance once l leaned on her very well in a crowded place managed to rub my dick on her tight ass my cupboard was very dirty and had lots of old dresses she decided to clean it so while cleaning i wanted to see whether some of the clothes fit me so i changed in front of her stood completely naked in front of her she didn’t mind it as she thought i was just changing she saw my dick several times i went and sat near her naked helping out with the cleaning while moving here and there i managed to rub my dick on her so amazing she is!!once i said my phone was lost but left it on the sofa and was sitting naked in my room when she came to return it she saw me completely naked i don’t know when i will get the next chance

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