Sisterly Incest

My sister & i have been having sex for awhile now. I’m also a girl, it started
while drinking & talking dirty. My sis Kristie is 26, I’m 30. She is married,
but very unhappy. I’m married, my hubby works a lot. Our sex life is minimal.
Anyhow, back to my confession, Kristie & I
are both confused by this. It started as a
drunken joke, but has progressed. The 1st time I used a dildo on her. We both really got into it & have continued for 6 months.
I ordered a strapon penis online & have used
it several times. I normally use it on her, but on occasion she has done me. We wear sexy clothes & she is very vocal. She will tell me to fuck that pussy hard you bitch. This excites me to no end, I’ve come numerous time while doing this. When she takes the lead & fucks me, she will tell me I’m a nasty whore. She always makes me suck the dildo during & after. My question, is this really incest? Am I cheating on my husband? We are both sexually starved & this is our outlet. My husband would join if asked, but we don’t want anybody to know about this. We still hang out & do things like normal sisters. The sex is incredible
& neither of us want to quit.
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  1. dont worry Hi dont worry.. yar you can continue having fun . but be carefull and you can ask your husband if he can fuck both of you at a time so that there will be no guilt and he can also enjoy both of you. and matter should be umang you ppl only at your home

  2. Relax… People take this stuff way too seriously. If you’re both enjoying it, then ENJOY it. 🙂 When you’re ready to come clean, surprise your hubby with a 3-some. Trust me, it’ll blow his mind!! 🙂

  3. 2 cents Yes, it’s incest and yes it’s cheating. Sexual relations with a relative is considered an incestual relationship. Is it cheating, yes you’re having sex outside your marriage. Would you be okay if your husband was having sex with his sister or brother? You are both consenting adults but that doesn’t make it okay. You both need to fix your marriages, you’re both too young to be in sexless marriages. But bringing sex into any relationship, right or wrong, blur the boundaries to the point of no return. Go and seek the help of a therapist.