Since Then We Have Had Multiple Sleepovers That Have Led To Sex

So I was 17 when this story happened (now I am 18) and she was 16 (now 17).

So well this happened at our aunty’s house we where all there for a reunion as our aunt from the other side of the country was over, and we’ll she had her first School ball coming up. So me being a good big cousin I sead since I am here and everyone is drinking that I will go inside with her and help her look for a good dress (oh I forgot to mention that every thinks I am gay as I was once found in bed with a dude I went along with it as I was drunk the night before) so we where in side in a spear room and we locked the door for some reason.

I did and we’ll we looked and she showed me the dresses she already had and changed in front of me (because I was apparently gay) and she has seen my boner and I was blushing she then stayed in her underwear and confessed she thought I was hot and she knew I wasn’t gay I was just playing it to not get in trouble for being drunk at 17.

Then she made out with me and we’ll I undressed and I undid her bra and kissed her all over with my boner almost poping out my undies. I pulled off her panties then pulled off my undies, then I asked her if she was ready as we where both virgins. Then we fucked and I gave her an awesome cream pie. She was put on the pill the day after her 16th just in case she had sex. Since then we have had multiple sleepovers that have led to sex.

By: Mark & Trish

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