Sexless marriage

I am in a sexless marriage, and I don’t want to be. I dream of screwing female friends from high school and college or women that I pass during the day.

My wife has no interest in sex due to weight gain. She does not feel pretty, so she does not want sex. We have been married 11 years and have only had sex 3 times this year. The last bj I got was over 7 yrs ago, she says oral sex makes her feel dirty, but she likes it when I go down on her.

We do not believe in divorce, and I will never cheat on her (which she knows and is part of the reason I don’t think she cares if I am satisfied sexually as she knows I am not leaving), but I feel completely isolated in my marriage.

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  1. Lazy Man
    What you need to do is get the both of you into a better lifestyle. Start working out and take her with you. You said it, She feals unattractive and she is unattracted to you. Only you can change that. Move your but man. And dress sharp too. Dont let her see you lookin like shit all the time. ZZ top said it best and they are right. Every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man. You’re just not putting in the effort. Trust me I get all the sex I want from my woman and BJs too. O yea be confident. They dont want no stinkin beggers. You may need to get some toys too. If shes not gettin off you not gettin off; thats the deal. For a woman sexing a man is work and they want to get paid.

  2. Talking is sexy Have you talked with her about your issues? Do you make her feel beautiful? Have you sought counseling, both separately and together? She needs to have her confidence boosted and work on her self image. Much of that work she has to do on her own but you could help a lot by just doing little things. Try giving her compliments at unexpected moments without making it too obvious or expecting anything in return. Take her out for something completely different than the usual routine. Go to a class together on sexuality. Talk with a sex therapist. Do something with your wife instead of focusing on other women.

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