seduced my neighbor

when i was 13 i seduced my neighbor. he was a grown man, retired. i would go over to his place and talk and talk. i would wear shorts that were too small, and always be picking at my rear or scratching myself. he always stared at my crotch. one day when he went to the bathroom i followed him in. he was peeing and he tried to make me leave, but i didn’t. i reached out and grabbed his dick. he got angry, but i know he liked it. the next day when i went over he was embarrased, so i sat on his lap and rubbed my butt into his pants. he didn’t know what to do, and then i got up and grabbed his dick through his pants and like jacked him off. he didn’t stop me, so i unzipped him, and played with him until he was hard. i pushed my shorts and panties down, and climbed up and sat on his dick. i was a virgin then, but i pressed down until i got wet, and just rode his dick down until i had it all in. i rocked on him, which felt so good, and he helped me move up and down. he got real hard, and then he lifted me up and placed me on the bed in his room and just climbed on and fucked me. oh god, it was sooo good. i don’t know if i liked him inside of me fucking, or i liked his weight on me sprading my legs apart, but i liked it. it was our secret, he fucked me for four years, and for four years i was addicted to it. when he moved away, and i moved on to another teen kid, it wasn’t the same. i still prefer older men, like 50/60 years old. and they like young girls, even they won’t tell you. i like the look in their eye when they get to feel my pussy, some of these guys haven’t fucked in a long time.
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  1. Matured sex
    Hey Grace,
    First of all, let me Congratulate for telling the truth. It’s also a fact. Older men (50 to 60s) do like to flirt Teens. Not only flirting bit fucking too.
    I wonder Whether still U do the same ?

  2. The fact that you do not know the word "I" is capitalized, tells me you are a boy that has not made it through the 4th grade. Very sad, you are an illiterate troll.

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