I did it.

I’m guilty of many things. I used to like to pull girls bathing suits down, to see them naked. I’ve stalked women before, and lusted after them. I’ve grown up, and decided to stop this foolishness. I did it at a campground in PA, at Sandy Cove Bible Conference, Rehoboth Beach, in a private pool once, and tried to rip a girls bikini top off once. I feel so sorry for what I’ve done, and it’s haunted me for a long time, (over 30 years). I have asked God for forgiviness and I believe that He has done so, but I still feel like my conscience is still bothering me about this. What I did was wrong, and I don’t want to do it anymore, ever, to anyone. I don’t even go near the pool, or the beach, to avoid doing it. I don’t want to go to jail, or hurt anyone anymore. Anyway, that’s the truth, I did it. If you are one of my victims, I ask for your forgivness, I am truly sorry for hurting, and humiliating you.
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