Raped by niece

I’ve done something very wrong. My sisters 14yo daughter is spending this week with us for Spring Break, I’ve taken the week off to be able to spend time with her and to take her a few places. She has other plans. I was still in bed this morning, after my wife had gotten up and ready for work, when I got woke up by a nibbling and licking of my penis. Thinking my wife had come back for a quick session before she left for work, I started moving in and out of her mouth, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her down hard on me. Still not awake it didn’t register that this head was smaller and the mouth “different” feeling right away. As I pushed deeper down her throat she moved herself onto my face and after a few seconds I froze. This puss was smooth shaved, my wife is not, and the ass I was looking at defiantly tighter and smaller than my bride of 54 had ever been. I realized it was my niece Erica and tried to get out from under her. She was holding on to my legs and taking every bit of my 8 inches down her throat. I told her to stop but she wouldn’t, she just held tighter and as I tried to get up she clamped her legs behind my neck and ground her puss into my face as hard as she could. I really was panicked I could get up but not away. She pulled off my cock long enough to tell me she wasn’t going to stop till either I came or she did and if I didn’t stop trying to get away she’d say I raped her. I fell back on the bed and let her keep fucking my cock with her throat. I confess I was turned on and I reciprocated by eating her faster and harder as I was getting ready to cum hard. I couldn’t help it, I blew a load down her throat. She swallowed almost all,spitting some on her hand and rubbing it in and on her puss. She told me that tomorrow she was going to fuck me and she again threatened to holler rape if I refused. I don’t think I’ll refuse and not because she threatened. It’s been along time since I fucked a tight teen puss.
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