panty sissy

I like wearing panties. My wife doesnt know but I cant stop wearing pretty panties. The prettier the better. I like pink panties best. I sometimes wear stockings too. I like being a little panty sissy so much
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  1. panty sissy Very sweet. Anything you might like to do when you’re wearing panties and stockings? I’ll bet those pretty panties get a nice big wet spot in them before you take them off too.

  2. Me To Now that my wife has caught me in her panties and bra while also giving oral sex to our neighbor David she says I will now wear them all the time while she has real men

  3. My wife also caught me while orally pleasuring another panty sissy and I am now he panty sissy cuckold. I am not allowed to touch her I any sexual way at all and am made to dress in panties hose bra mini skirt and heels and watch as she pleasures her real man lovers and of course afterwards I am made to clean all the cummle pies from her pussy and her lovers cock

  4. I'm the same . I'm addicted to wearing panties. Sexy fem panties. And pink , oh yes are my favourite. So fem. it's even hotter when you can wear them for some horny guy who talks dirty .

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