not ur average ex story……

this is a true confession of a 13 year old girl that falls inlove with her boyfriends bestfriend…Yea I did it :/ so i dumped my boyfriend for this guy we will call him bob i really liked. We talked on the phone 24/7. That is when i get a text message from a girl we will call her lucy. Lucy told me how bob said he loved her and shit. Bob said it wasnt true.Anyways a week later me and bob started dating.I was the goodie goodie girl that never did anyhting. lets say the first 3 months of our relationship i did alot of new things.that is until one day. a week before bob told me how him and hte girl named mary were goin to the olvier hardy fest.. he told me they were cousin. my friend told me how he saw him holding her hand and wrapping his arms around her. his reply we are just cousins. so of course i beleived him. then a week later i get a virus and his brother texts me saying michael and mary are making out in the park. I called him and he said yes it was true and they were not cousins.i cryed for a week staright cause i was inlvoe with this guy anyways two weeks later him and mary break up… and bob ask me back out and i said yes :/ so we dated for 2 more omnths and dec 25 was our anniversay. on december 24 2009 he texted me on facebook say. why are u such a biitch and always nagging. that is when his over brother tells me im a pathetic whore and that michael has been cehating on me the entire time. thus making me cry for another 2 weeks and ruining christmas for me. So it is present day and me and bob are still friends. and i am in love with him again he wants me to lose my virgininty to him and i actually would like for him too. thing is i hated mary’s guts but i turned into her when michael dated agirl name *ann* and i made out with him at his house anyways. I love Bob to death and thing is i think i would actually take him back if he asked me too.
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