Neighbor’s Bikini Daughter

My neighbor across the street has a smoking-hot, flirty college-aged daughter. “Stephanie” likes to wash her car in the driveway in a tiny, usually pink or white, thong bikini, causing passing cars to beep, yell, and otherwise catcall. While I keep my voice to myself, I do confess to using a zoom-lens Canon to snap off digitals of her whenever she’s outside. Not a big deal, correct? I then graduated to seeking her tanning on the very-visible pool deck, and now am very adept as photographing her in all sorts of prone poses. Ran into her at a downtown fair, we chatted, and Steph said she hadn’t seen me in awhile. I almost blurted out “But I see YOU all the time!”. Next day, as if on cue, Steph was washing her car in the driveway, tiny bikini barely covering her marvelous, 22 year old body. All total, I probably have over 800 digital photos of Stephanie. And Summer is just starting!
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