Nailed 2 lesbians..

No, not at the same time. Years in between. First was a nurse manager I used to work with. Went to her apartment for dinner, started messing around (could NOT keep my hands off of her), and, in the middle of the heat, she told me she was gay but, while not officially Bi, “missed real cock every now and then”. This was also 4 months after I was first married. I banged on Nancy for months until she moved out of state. Other was more recently. Friend and known lez, Maria. Hot-bodied with huge, always presented tits (first thing anyone notices about her), and very long, black or clear nails, she and I have been friends a few years. I even helped she and her partner, “Cue”, move last year. Cue is most definetely the guy in the relationship. Anyway, Maria and I get together for coffee now and then to catch up. Recently, she showed up in a deep-cut, ratty-looking tank top (wife-beater), exhibiting very much cleavage. Long hair down, mirrored glasses on, and those teasingly sexy nails polished jet-black. We end up at the apartment complex “to see the new puppies”, and I get my hands on her in the kitchen, knowing full well she’s open to it. Maria cautions about Cue coming home at some point, but, oddly just like nurse Nancy, said she missed real dick and wanted me to slam her. Maria is model-beautiful (used to be one in Texas), stroked me until I was hard and high, so..I obliged and fucked the hell out of her for 2 hours. I realize how lucky I am, as every guy who sees her wants her body. Only question is if I’ll get her again. She tends to do this, then go all male-hate for awhile. It’s a guilt thing. I, on the other hand, feel no guilt at all!
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