my failing marriage

married male here. 2 kids whom I adore. I lost my job last year and my marriage isnt the same. My family hates my wife and keeps badgering me to leave her. I cant help alot of things that happen. my wife does get on my nerves tho, and i often think about leaving her. instead, i have cheated on her off and on for the last 2 years with another married woman, but when she(my wife) was caught talking to some dude, i gave her soo much shit about it and i never let her forget it. Truth is, iam soo soo miserable in my marriage and in my life right now. I can tsee how things will improve. we never have sex or even talk now. We sit around the house each night on our own computers…shes downstairs and iam upstairs..Iam literally in tears over this. My bigger problem lies with me not working. Her family is alway filling her head with shit about me NOT working..I cant “create” a job out of thin air..but they dont understand it…Iam soo broke at times that I have to go into my sons piggy bank to take money for gas,food etc. I feel terrible. Today, my son (4yo boy) and I went for a walk and he saw me crying and asked what was wrong. Not wanting him to worry, I told him “nothing”. He replied “Dad, its gonna be ok, I will help you feel better”…I picked him up, held him tight and began to let it all out..just cried soo much…..i dont know….I often pray that my life improves..but as long as I have my son around for support, I dont think it matters…
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  1. sex can solve your problem feeling sad for you my friend, just relax……arrange a candle light dinner for your wife, then take her out for drive, just go to a nearby hilly area and have sex with your wife in open, if you do this every week- i bet your wife will start behaving good with you…………

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