My Dad

I confess that I was always groped and eventually raped by my father (I am a girl) when I was 15 and since then have been having sex with him til present. I do not understand what has happened to me! I hate and also like the fact…I wanna tell my mom but…I am scared and also dont want to stop doing it. I feel that I need him groping me at nights and the whole idea of it just turns me and gets me so anxious. I hate myself and feel dirty because he is my dad!! But I have never been with no one else! I feel like some what scared to get involved with another person or even say anything about my father. Ive tried looking for help but when I get too close I back out. The last time I had sex with him was this morning when my mom left to work and now I am sitting here at my desk thinking about getting help again….I need help! Suggestions anyone?
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  1. oh my god! oh hunny! i understand your feelings.. u r being confused!
    on one hand a father should be a caring worm person where u should find shelter in rough times and you truly love your parents and on the other hand he rapes and abuses you. you know if you would tell you kick a rock rolling.. it might destroy your parents marriage

    but you have to think the other way around.
    imagine you would be married to a husband who rapes your daughter – you would kill this man!
    it’s not only rape, it’s incest aswell!! that’s totally sick! and you being abused makes you suffer even more. right now you don’t see all the circumstances but you will obviously suffer from a psychological illness that will influence your whole life. you need treatment!
    i had a lot of clients (female and male) who were also raped and abused by their father or uncle – the sucicide rate within the victims is really high, if they do not get a good treatmen!
    please seek for help! and be fair to your parents, they need treatment too!

  2. My honest opinion is it’s okay. It’s dirty but that’s what makes it fun. You don’t have to get help and please don’t tell on him. Realize the dirtiness of it and enjoy it. It’s okay to be different. I’m sure you can ask him about the worry of other people, he would be a good source of sexual advice given your closeness to him. It’s okay to do dirty things, don’t let society fool you into believing you’re wrong. You like it, so do it, realize what you’re doing, and get off on it. You can have so much dirty fun and do so much, fuck the people who disagree. It’s not their business or

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