My boyfriend is posting online dating profiles and contacting many women

I found out about 5 months ago and just can’t let it go. He moved 4 hours away for a job and told me he was only interested in making money and I had nothing to worry about. I got pregnant by him a month after he moved( he came to see me on weekends). I found all his profiles and emails, chats with these women. He told them all they had beautiful smiles and were gorgeous and gave them all his yahoo id to chat. Some he called sweetie and buttercup. When I confronted him he got extremely mad and said he did nothing wrong, just talk to people. I said if u just wanted to talk they you dont say you are single and looking for a serious relationship. I keep bringing up the matter when I get mad at him and he tells me to just drop it and he is tired of being accused of cheating. He said he only met one girl and did not have sex w/ any. I am so hurt that he did this the whole time I was pregnant and continued until 3 weeks before our son was born, when he was already moved back here. how can i forgive him for doing this? I am very disappointed with him.
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  1. Well I feal bad for you. No ammount of talk will get threw to him. He knows what he did was wrong. I dont think you should dwell on it. Everyone is capable of a slip sometimes. Good thing is he didnt cheet on you. Or that’s what I believe anyway. Don’t let it rule your life. Maybe it was a fluke or maybe thats who he is. I’m leaning to the fluke side not that if he didnt go away again, that he wouldnt do it again. because he might. But if he’s comming home to you every night, try to be happy. You’ll have plenty of bad days to be sad. Let the good ones be happy.

  2. Forget it or Forget Him I’d leave any man that treated me that way. Seriously. I don’t want someone like that so be a role model for my child. But if you are committed to this relationship, then you’re gonna have to let it go and never bring it up again if you truly have forgiven him. Even if you get into a fight, you can’t bring this situation up as ammunition. I’m very sorry that this has happened and I’d be disappointed with him too. But like I said, I don’t have it in me to let something like that go.

  3. Why did you continue
    Why did you allow this man to come back in your life. He was searching for pussy over the internet. Wake up and smell the coffee. If he didnt fuck he sure made a galant effort. You are in for a life of misery. However only you can change that and seek the love that you deserve. Lose the bum and find a man who will love you and your child.

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