My Bio Dad Was Never In The Picture

I blackmailed my step father into being my personal plaything.

Yes, it's that bad.

My bio dad was never in the picture. My mom married my step dad when I was 10.

He was always a hunk: 6'3, with broad shoulders and back, blue eyes and great dad bod.

When I was 18, I caught him sniffing my dirty panties.

I recorded him, took a few photos and then confronted him.

Initially, he denied but when I said "Ok, I guess I'll send this to mom and call the cops", he admitted his fault.

I smiled at him and said "You know, this is fun.

But bad boys needs to receive punishment for their wrongdoings".

He started to tremble and begged me not to tell anyone. I smiled again.

He was staring at me terrified as he should've. He had a great reputation and a great career.

One click and it everything was going to end.

I told him to get on his knees, sat on the bed, raised my foot and just told him "Start licking".

He looked at me in disbelief. I just waves my foot at his face again and repeated my order.

He sighed and started licking him sole and sucking my little toes.

During this time, I called him every degrading name in the book.

After 10 minutes, I told him to lay on his back and to spread his legs. He obeyed.

I could see that he was getting an erection but I just smiled and stomped on his balls. Hard!

He screamed in pain but I continued to stomp on his balls, mocking and insulting him.

His eyes were teary from both the pain and humiliation. After several stomps, I just watched him.

He was wriggling in pain. I enjoyed every second of it.

From this point on, our "relationship" became so much fun for me.

I enjoyed his pain and humiliation. A pervert doesn't deserve a good treatment.

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