He Wes So Much Bigger Than Me

He appeared to me in my dream and touched me and we had sex he kissed me on my lips and I moaned as he fucked me.

He wes so much bigger than me.

He was ten foot tall and I was just 5 foot 5 he started by caressing me and undressing me kissing me on my breasts licking my nipples and sucking on them his hands one in my hair moving down to my shoulder the other under my breast moving down my stomach he then kissed my lips gently then more ruffley putting his tongue into my mouth licking at my tongue in response my tongue licked at his I moaned.

He then stepped back and removed his green and red goled ornatly designed silky robes.

His penis was huge and slightly erect it was a foot or so in lingth with a perfectly round head not like a mans mushroom shaped head.

There was an indenshen around the head of his penis and no visible veans in it.

I could see his big beautiful rusty red colored feathered wings they where slightly open.

I stepped closer and touched his naked chest he put his left hand on my shoulder and asked if I wanted to have sex with him I looked up at him and he picked me up and layed me on a bed with a white sheets and soft pillows he kissed my throat and began to finger my clit.

I begged him to fuck me.

With his hands he spread my legs and lowered his head to my pussy and licked and sucked my clit until I orgasmed in his mouth he moved up my body kissing it until he was at my lips he looked into my eyes with an intense look on his face his body lay against mine.

He pressed his huge cock into my wet still throbbing pussy. His lips parted and he sied.

I moaned and closed my eyes tightly the presher on the walls of my pussy was amazing.

He pumped his hips in a fast rythum his big cock moved in and out of my hot pussy.

My body was hot and throbbing with arousal. My hands where on his sides.

His lips crushed mine in a deep kiss.

His hands were on my ass pulling me to him with every stroke of his huge cock. It was pure exticy.

I cried with the plesher of it. His cock exploded with hot white cum.

His cum filled me and then it was black no more dream the whole night.

I woke in the morning………….

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