married but lesbian

i married a guy two years ago because he knocked me up.. slowly i realised, that i think i like women.. i’m totally into female bodies and i would love to fuck them and get fucked by them. this fantasy follows me everyday, everytime i see a beautiful woman (the womanly ones, not those women who dress like men).. everytime i sleep with my husband i imagine fucking kendra wilkinson, so i can get to an orgasm while he is liking me like a dog. should i tell him? or should i go out and pick up a lesbian at a bar and fuck her – just to see if i liked it or not..? and what if i like it? should i tell him then?
i’ve already suggested him a threesome.. but i guess i want a threesome with a lesbian who’s not into his cock but my pussy..
aaahh i don’t know where my head is standing!
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