leaving my husband for a man

i married you because i was in love. you were a nice boy. these many years later you are still a nice boy. but you are not a man. you need a mother, not a wife. you have ruined me financially. you have squandered my future. i met a man. he is much older than me. he is nice and successful and intelligent. he seduced me and i fell for him. i went to bed with him. i let him put his dick inside of me. i can’t say he made love to me. he took me and made me his woman. all it took was once. he got me to submit to him. he got me to tell him i was his woman. he got me to tell him that i would not go with another man. when he took me i knew the instant that he had me in his hands that i could not escape him. i knew the minute he held me that i would be penetrated by him. i knew the minute that he took my clothes off that i would do that for him for the rest of my life. i knew the minute that he penetrated me that i belonged to him. for the first time ever in my life a man possessed me and fucked me. i am now his woman. i’m leaving you.
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