Insane Stuff I Did in Thailand

I finally succumbed to my long time interest in sex with a ladyboy. In Thailand this isn’t hard to arrange. I’m not gay and haven’t been turned on by close encounters of the sexual kind with other guys. But this was just incredible.

I spent ages sucking her hard cock and licking around her balls and arse hole. She reciprocated until I was begging to fuck her. The sight of her lying on her back wanking while I watched my cock slide in and out of her arse was stunning.

When it came for me to be fucked, words can’t describe it. She had quite a big cock, and there’s a sting before it slips deeper inside. I just gazed at her, open-mouthed, as she fucked me. At one point we just smiled at each other, and I asked her to fuck me harder. She lifted me higher and took me to the next level. I wanked myself off as the sensations peaked. Insane stuff.

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