Im A Minor Who Is Very Hypersexual

Im a minor who is very hypersexual…

Ive lied that im 18 when im 15, I love to send explicit naked pictures of myself to (20+yrs) older men.

I go on discord, reddit, snapchat and omegle to flash them and i love it when you see them stroking themselves to me ugh im getting wet just writing this down…

I stopped for almost a year though but i relapsed just a couple minutes ago….

i couldnt help it, it felt so good playing with myself in front of someone…

i know its wrong but why does it feel so good.

I also managed to put my finger deeper inside me then before this morning, it felt so good i just wish someone would just fuck me so my hand doesnt cramp up…

i hope you got turned on reading this, cause i would love that..

a grown person pleasuring themselves at the thought of me? even if i tell you im 15.

the thought of you still wanting to pursue me and fuck me right mhmn dont ya?

im healing and i let myself go a bit because i know healing is not a Linear process…

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