i want to give oral sex

i have never had regular or oral sex before & its all ready an up-session of mine i am too embarrassed to ask in person so i online i its a fantasy of mine that i dream of every night but it seems that i am only interested in females & she males not normal guys i did try to think about giving oral sex to 100% guy’s but i throw up every time but isn’t a shemale a guy too if so why doesn’t thinking about giving oral sex to a shemale make me throw up
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  1. Don’t Be Put Off By Oral I have licked a number of p*ssies in my life, both hairy and shaved. Enjoyed them all and enjoyed the women returning the favor. Oral is something practiced by many couples, a nice appetizer before intercourse, so don’t be embarrassed or put off by it. I have also received oral once from another guy and returned the favor (a girlfriend’s brother). It was something I wanted to experience. Receiving was ok, not great, but I didn’t like returning the favor and I hated it when he came in my mouth.

  2. rqLubSHPX Speaking as an ex-debut author of laerrity(ish) fiction, if you see what I mean, I’ve heard it in various industry places that it’s easier in some ways for editors to persuade an acquisitions meeting to buy a debut novel because no track record’ cuts both ways: scope for boundless optimism, for talking up the USP and the elevator pitch, even in a deeply flawed book It’s the really good, working author with unspectacular but solid sales and fanbase, and not much prospect of breaking out of that level, who is being swept off the publishers’ lists like old wedding confetti.I know I’ll get my head bitten off for this, but in some ways I think it’s much harder to have a modest success, and then find the ground cut from under your feet through no fault of your writing, than it is to be told that, sorry, your writing isn’t something the industry has space for in the first place.Not that I’m looking nervously forward to trying to sell my third (and, fingers crossed, fourth) novels, or anything

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