I am 73, Retired and Divorced

I,m 73, retired and divorced, I live alone up until recently, when my younger sister, by about 18 months asked if she could stay with me while she looked for another property. She had to sell the family home as part of her own divorce settlement. Her husband had left her some years before but only now decided on a divorce which left her in financial difficulty.

I assured her she could come and stay as long as she liked, her 2 girls had moved out years ago and had families of their own. My sister managed to get rid of everything in the house, all her remaining possessions were what she was able to fit in her small Japanese hatchback. She moved in just after Easter, and she had to buy a bed, I have a 3-bedroom house but only 2 rooms are utilized, my bedroom with a queen-sized bed, the other with 2 singles.

It was probably an unnecessary expense because from the first night she stayed we have been sharing my bed. Not the first time we shared, as children we shared a bedroom until she was 12 until our parents thought it not suitable. But this is different, although my sister has just turned 72, and despite the moral and ethical reasons, she has no problem with us fucking as often as possible. She initiated our first night together, she just came into my bedroom undressed and got into bed with me. I have no problem with it, she is very sexually active, and my teenage sexual fantasy is being fulfilled daily. I will add more stories as the weeks and months progress, hopefully!

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  1. I just fucked my 72 year old sister and her 19 year old granddaughter. Would love to hear more about your situation. If you do Wickr my ID is josh55pal

  2. It started with me and my sister when we were children in the school holidays playing doctors and nurses this game was taking turns stripping each other and playing with private parts and naked wrestling and groping each other, it stopped for a while after our mum caught us both naked in the act, she didn’t shout at us just said we were being naughty when we were too young to play adult games, and said she wouldn’t tell our dad, but she didn’t stop us bathing together and secretly washing each other,
    i will add more latrer, Conrad

  3. We didn’t have sex before we were married we did lots of oral play including anal fingering on each other at her request i she was i good cock sucker i wanted to penetrate her vagina and anus but she wouldn’t let me until we were married, it seemed unusual as she was very experienced at what we did to each other it was her that was the dominant one i didn’t mind i enjoyed the domination, the wedding night first sucked me off and swallowed
    then she let me penetrate her vagina as i was ejaculating in her she said thank you daddy, more later,

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