Last night I had a random party hook up with someone I had only met once before. The confession part comes in here – I am pretty sure I have HPV and was extremely drunk and lonely and felt I couldn’t resist a chance to feel some affection. I didn’t use a condom and I didn’t mention to the other person that I had this sexually transmitted virus. They are a really sweet wonderful person, and I feel disgusting and scared and stupid and irresponsible and I don’t know what to do. I feel like it is a must to tell her this, but I am so afraid of being viewed as a scum bag. It was a bad mistake… Help?
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  1. First, take care of your health first. If you think you have HPV than you probably have visible warts right now. Go to the doctor and get these checked, treated, and removed. Most people clear HPV on their own, even the wart-causing strains. The wart-causing strains are not the same ones that cause cancer. If you did have a wart at the time of sex there is a very good chance you have spread it as the warts are highly contagious. If you don’t have warts than the chances of you spreading a wart-causing strain of HPV is much less likely though not impossible. Combined the strains of HPV are extremely common, most of them do not cause any problems and the body clears them. Do not freak out just yet! Go to the doctor, get checked out and tested for everything. Then go to her if there is anything to share. If you know here and think there’s a chance she may have unprotected sex again before you get in to see the doctor, then you have an obligation to warn her so she doesn’t spread

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