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Well to start I am 15 a foster kid and new to my area, I moved in with my new foster parents in july after there was a problem with my old situation. I had been with that couple since I was 10. Anyway, I’ll come right out and say it, my problem is that I have a very large penis, like huge and its noticable. It ruined a lot of my junior high. Most people would think that having a large penis is a great thing, not when your my age and its literally 10 inches soft and around 15 hard. I have always been self concious about it since I was little I remember being made fun of, and then getting the attention of girls, women, teachers, and some mothers, again migth sound good, but they were sluts, and a few girls I really liked wouldnt give me the time of day cause they thought I was a creep or something. I am shy and a foster kid anyways and this caused me to not have very many friends growing up due to other guys jealousy too. Another problem I have had with it is that I have to jerk off about 4 to 6 times a day, sometimes more. I rember starting around 7 or 8 and that has caused some awkward moments and situations, if I dont do this it can get hard and that is another totally embarrassing thing in itself. The real problem is gym class…we have to wear shorts, and take showers after, It would definately be noticed if that happened, so I said I had asthma and couldnt participate. They didnt question me at first because I was a transfer to the school district and a foster kid so I think they felt bad. The issue is now they want to some proof and need me to bring in my medical records….Im screwed they said I have till the end of the semester or I will have to participate. Then everyone will know. I’m starting to make a few friends kinda slowly but im scared of what will happen if they realized Im fine and am forced to go to gym. what do u think i should do?
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