GREAT adult game!

My friends and I played a new game last weekend and it was a blast!
We call it, guess the cock!
Everyone puts $20 in the pot, then we look around the bar and pick out a guy. You then write on a piece of paper a description of him, like what he is wearing and puts their name on it. You then randomly pull one from the pile.
Then everyone is to guess things about his privates.
Cut / uncut, length, girth, shaved balls, unshaved, trimmed, bent,,
The person that selected the guy, meaning, wrote his description, and name on the paper, must verify!!
That’s the best part! Getting the guy to show you his private parts and getting a photo! If you can’t get he to let you do it, the money goes back in the pot and you all throw in another $5 for the next round!

I won $175 last week and had a great time doing it 🙂
Then lost $30, but I’m still up

O ya! Bring a ruler or tape measure plus a camera!

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  1. So Much Fun! WOW!! I told my friends about this game and at 1st we all were like that’s craze! But you could see everyone was interested. We made a few changes, added a few things. I won 3 times over course of playing for 5 hours! Needless to say none of us can stop talking about it and laughing.

  2. Crazy ness a group of 12 lady’s and 2, I’m assuming guys were playing this at Michael’s night club last Saturday! I could not believe it when this red head approached me and explained she needed my help to win some money at a game. She gave me $20 to go into the bathroom with her and examine my junk.

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