Gay or Not Gay?

I wanna confess that I give my two younger brothers 17 and 19 oral sex on a regular basis. This has been going on for about 4 years now…it all started when I caught them sniffing my dirty panties one day and so that night I went into their rooms individually and sucked them both up! one after another…I love the feeling of having their warm sperm in my mouth and how it goes down my throat…Actual intercourse has never happened and will that would be crossing the line way farther than now!!
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  1. Two younger brothers How would this make you gay or not gay if you’re a girl and you’re doing that to boys? On a side note, what you’re doing is kind of sick. I understand wanting to have sex but please please please do it with another guy. Doing that with your brothers is simply wrong in so many ways. Heck I’d let you do me if it meant keeping you from doing that to them. What do they have to say about it.

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