Feminize Me

I would love to be taken and kept feminized by an older Dominant Black Man while slowly be trained and turned into his sissy wife. I know this sounds crazy but the thought of this just completely turns me on.

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  1. There is nothing crazy about what you want to happen to you. There are lots of dominant black men who love having a sissy as his wife/slave . Finding a dominant black man isnt that hard,the hard part is really being able to live 24/7 as his fully feminized sissy wife.It is a lot harder than you think . I met a dominant black man who made me his sissy wife/slave . I wasnt ready for everything I was forced to go through but I didnt have a choice.I was my Masters sissy wife/slave but in reality I was just his sissy slave that he used and abused sexually,I was lent out to other black men as a sex toy ,and wasnt really ever treated like a wife does in a normal relationship but I still loved who and what I was

  2. My girlfriend dressed me up like a slut with nothing but heels and blue eyeshadow. She got off on watching me suck a shemale cock and exploding on my face. Then she watched 2 guys fuck my ass and glue my eyes shut with massive facials. Afterwards she cleaned me up and redid my eye makeup. Next thing a pretty black tranny face fucks me while she plays with herself. Final act is playing uncocious while 4 sissies wack off on my face completely covering my sexy blue eyelids.

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