feeling sexy

i’m a housewife. i’v never had a man other than my loving hubby nor do i intend having one. three is a crowd for me and i am very shy uneasy and silent in a crowd. i confess that i am awfully over sexed. whenever alone i love to stay naked at home and i keep playing with my pussy and nipples in every conceivable manner. i masturbate for hours and need nothing else to keep me busy. i’m fairly well read and i behave like a highly elegant and cultured lady in public. no one can imagine what goes on within me. i wonder how many other women share this kind of a thoughtform with me. i’d love to interact with them on personal level.
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  1. Males keep out ur business Hi
    I am jenny from Unites States, I am extremely happy that I have got a place to share ideas (“techniques”) with other girls, we can learn lot from each other.

    But guys, keep ur ass out of this, no boys should participate in this.

  2. Reply to Mayantra and Jeniela Dear me, I’m so happy to find you girls.
    I don’t believe in toys. Primarily I use three techniques.
    1. Nimble frisky fingers. Works very well with deep sensuous fantasies and because after being involved for so long, I precisely know my body and E zones.
    2. Water sport. Extremely soothing but messy and not always workable.
    3. The most effective and blissful of all which I’m little shy of talking is that I let my pup play with me. Many people are averse to it and make me feel guilty. Suggest you go through my other confession titled animal sex in this site. There too I been lucky to find a companion. Good or bad, I’ll be keen to hear your views on that.
    Pleasee educate me too with your experience

  3. PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!! hey, great to know u hava a high sex drive… and u r al sexed up… please clarify – we guys watch sexy pics of naked women for timepass, wat are womens fav sex pas time ???? gimee details

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