Drunk nudity

Hey guys out there, I’m rachael. I’m 17 years old, 5 ft 7, blonde hair, with full breasts. I was at a party. Now when I say party, I mean hardcore, drinking, sex, drinking, smoking, more sex, even more drinking. So a crazy out of hand party. I was fully involved, drunk, had thrown up 3 or 4 times, I forgot, had fucked out with I think 4 guys around the age of 19 ish. So I was bumbling around, tripping over myself, unknown, my breast had found its way to freedom, managing to work its way out of my braless shirt. I didn’t realize this. Then as I was going to the counter for my next glass of my
‘adult soda’, the guy behind the bar saw my breast, and to speed up the process of my knocking myself out, gave me some of the ‘hard stuff’. Literally, it looked like the world was upside down, left equaled right, and vise versa, and everything was twirling. Then I started to feel really claustrophobic. Like all of a sudden. It could of been by how much sweat had come up inside of my clothes, or just by my default desire to not have clothes on. Then it seemed like I entered a new reality, a change of demensions. Thinking I was in a dream, or some trance-like state, I took off my shirt to feel relief of my claustrophobia. ( now all this info I have gathered from my best friend who I have grown up with in a friendship tighter then the bonds of life. I bring this up to say that because I cannot remember what happened, she reported every detail to me in the honesty we always abide to as friends.) so once I had my shirt off, the boys took it on them selves to remove me of my pants. In those hours, I passed out finally on the bar. The boys dragged me then to the middle of the main room, laid me on my back, spread my arms and legs apart leaving my naked body open for anybody. My friend even told me that they had sex with me, like 7 people at a time. I feel so Embarassed when I go to school, knowing every body in my entire class has seen me ass naked. I will never party like that again .
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