cherry picking time

on summer break before university i vacationed with a french family on the south of france. they had three daughters, 11 to 15, and seemed a perfect couple. the house was on an open lot, very pastoral in its setting. i noticed that the girls were pretty ‘free’ when it came to decorum in the house, they went topless and in their underwear, whether or not the dad was around. nobody commented about it, and neither did i. one weekend we went to the beach, and it was a clothing optional beach. the girls were comfortable in their bottoms, and soon the dad and mom stripped down to nothing. i had never seen a naked man right there in front of me. i won’t tell you i didn’t stare, i did. as the day went on the youngest of the girls teased me about my two piece suit (which to me was a bikini). and, well, after seeing so many topless girls and women, i took my top off in the afternoon. i felt everyone stared at me, but really no one cared. what made me different was that i was milky white up top. after that, i started to go topless around the house, and when one afternoon everyone went skinni dipping in the pool i followed suite. one day two of their cousins came over, both boys about 15/16. when the swimming came they stripped down and the girls did too. i gathered my courage and so did i. i was sitting by the pool on my towel when the older boy came over to talk, standing there with his willie in my face. subconciously i covered up by crossing my legs really tight. we taked, and kidded, and swam and soon we were side by side, and rubbing shoulders, and his willie came up. he was a bit embarrased. i didn’t know what to say, so i complimented him, and he took my hand and put it on his willie. i went electric, and squeezed him, and he just looked at me, and pushed me back, and climbed on top, spread my legs with his knee and popped my cherry in front of everybody. I never told my mom about my experience in the south of france.
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