Back of Cab

My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we finally got to go away by ourselves without the kids. I was accompaning my husband to a convention for his work in Las Vegas. Work paid for him and we paid for me to tag along for a short 2 night getaway. The second night after partying with his coworkers and drinking a little too much we got into a cab to go back to our hotel. Well, we shared it with a guy who works in the same field as my husband but not with my husband, he happened to be staying in the same hotel. He sat in the front seat of the cab, it was a minivan, so my husband and I sat in the back together. When the guy turned around I saw his face look right down at my crotch then I remembered I didn’t wear any underwear and I shaved myself totally for this trip for my husband thinking I would give him a little surprise. My skirt was practaclly riding up on my waist. I was so embarrassed but looking over at my husband who was nearly passed out beside me I decided to give this guy a show. So, when the guy turned around to face the front I adjusted myself so that I could touch myself without being to obvious to the driver and my husband. When the guy turned around to talk to me, and look at me, I just sat there looking at him as I stroked and rubbed myself while smiling at him. It was very naughty and I did give him a good show. When we got to the hotel I helped my husband out of the cab and told the guy that there was our Vegas story. I have never told my husband or anybody for that matter until now.

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