as ordered by girls

I had obeyed some very young girls before and this girl was a regular who has pushed me into doing some of the wildest things. Tonight was one of those nights. We have a common friend who happens to be away right now, while im stuck at her place, painting, and fixing various things that need attention. So this night in perticular, I assumed all was running smoothly and I might be spared the regular humiliations that happen. Wrong, The girl on vacoiation was on her way home. I thought I was prepared but soon struggled to get everything cleaned and organized the way she insisted at all times. I was close to being done with this but decided she would freak if her dirty laundry was still in the basket. It was mid day, laundromats would be busy but I had no choice. On the way out the door though, I tripped over another friend and her laundy baskets. It was her fault we both fell but didnt dare say it. My punishment was to do her laundry, my other friends and what I was wearing all at once. My washed clothes had to be delivered to her house, along with her stuff by myself…completely nude in an hour. Well long story short, I was embarrassed so many ways, over and over while washing tons feminine, mostly pink, teen girls clothes which i had to also wear as my own clothes where washed and folded on top of the baskets of theirs. How i juggled clothes was a mysery afterwards but i managed to do it but it worked. There where slip up such as changing in front of a group of teen girl that I didnt notice outside the window. Once inside, the angry group scolded me and made me stand there naked as they laughed, teased and scolded me like a child. It was quite a day, im now assigned to do girls laundry daily if need be.
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