Accidental Sex

Ok first off no names or places, we had moved into a new house and one of the features was twin staircases leading to the 6 bedrooms, we had just got the place in some sort of order for the new years get together with a few friends, shortly after midnight I decided to go to bed, my bedroom is middle left or middle right, depending on which stairs you use!

I wasn’t asleep but somewhere in between, I never heard the door open or someone get into bed with me, the first I knew someone was there was a hand in between my legs and at first, I thought it was my boyfriend, so I didn’t think any more of it, like everyone that night the drink had dulled senses, instead I starting enjoying it getting very wet indeed, next the hand was removed and my leg was lifted up, then a cock at my pussy lips, followed by my mum’s name!

God almighty I thought, Dad has walked into the wrong room, he thinks I’m mum, by the time I thought that he was already inside me! and he was massive.

I didn’t know what to do, should I go mad and call out? if I woke mum what would it look like to her? or anyone else for that matter!

I decided to stay quiet and not say a word, he’ll finish going to sleep then I’ll get up and clean up, but I was getting incredibly turned on too, his hand took mine and put it on his cock for “mum” to play with him, I followed through and discovered to my amazement, he was only halfway in me!

Taking my hand away I bent over a little more, allowing his enormous cock to fully enter me and I buried my head in the pillow, as he slid in and out he was hitting my cervix, and biting my pillow I came, covering his cock in a thick white cream, he pushed in really deep as I felt his cock throb like crazy squirting his cum.

I thought it was over but it wasn’t, he never pulled out but started making love again! 5 to 10 minutes later he pushed in deep and again his huge throbbing cock squirted inside, he also gave me my first squirting orgasm!

I guess we were there an hour, maybe longer, he came in me lots of times that night before falling asleep, when he did I got up and went to the loo, Jesus I thought my dad is multi-orgasmic! he made me squirt too!

That would have been the one and only time it would have happened, but a couple of months later my mum died of a massive stroke, we are lucky enough to live in a house that is very private, a few months after that we were talking about it and ended up in bed, this time no confusion, I lay there while Dad had multiple orgasms inside me and me on him and I couldn’t imagine a better lover, I have by accident what most women want, someone who truly loves me and amazing sex life, only one thing, I would trade it all now if I could get my mum back though.

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