We just finished having sex. He puts on boxers and goes downstairs. He yells may name and I go running, naked. He meets me at the bottom of the stairs and kisses me. We walk to the kitchen.


My grandmother is at the door. She is walking into the house…. towards the kitchen.

We scramble. No place to hide.

Grandma sees us.

He faces me and I him. He hides me from view.

Grandma says “Sorry to disturb you.” and “When it is more convenient for you…” and continuted to have a full 10 minute conversation about buying a birthday present for my mother.

She leaves. I buy the present. Mom is happy.

Grandma never told anyone about the situation in the kitchen.

Nice website, I can make confession without releaving my email, photo. I hope my email ID is not seen by anyone, i have entered my real email here.

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  1. Was u wearning anything or not? Hi carra…

    Your grandma kept on talking with you for yen mins?

    You was wearing any clothes or not or you was naked at that time?

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