I love wearing girls panties and bras, basically anything i can get my hands on. i have a friend who is a girl who dresses me up all of the time as a girl. i even bought a vibrator and fuck myself in the ass and it feels so good. i like to wear panties as much as i can under my male clothes
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  1. yOgTRHxdCf I had to check. Looks like I am in my middle of the road, speical editions. I just finished my dreaded cycle and these are the thank goodness panties. The ones which you can wear comfortably with just a tad of bloat remaining in your body. For my anniversary this month, I went pantie shopping and replaced 5 plain white mary jane cotton panties with cotton, super colorful boy briefs. All stripes and hearts and polka dots. Maybe a bit junior in theme but they were so HAPPY. The weather was blah and I was trapped in the world’s most boring small town. So hubbie and I were forced to spend the anniversary at the godforsaken mall. He approved the purchase, applauded the one pair I got to wear before the cycle started, and is eagerly awaiting the remaining 4 pairs. He’s a good boy even though he doesn’t completely understand the pantie delimma.

  2. ZKKP81ng Now see, I consider geinttg rid of the bad underwear, but then what would I wear when I have my period? Yet that is precisely the underwear that seems to lead a charmed life. Go fig.Also, I’m nearing the third trimester of my second pregnancy and have yet to even contemplate maternity underwear. I don’t really get the point of it. I’m not trying to be smug or anything, I really want to know, why do people buy and wear it? Especially if it sucks? (Or is saying that my normal underwear is fine for my entire pregnancy something that’ll make people hate me?)

  3. sissy crossdresser I know how you feel, as I am a closeted sissy and love wearing any female attire, I now own quite a bit, mostly all in pink. I have many dildos, vibes and plugs I use to play with and love stretching my man pussy

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