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    She Never Woke Up Or Moved A Muscle

    When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking a lot of scotch and water. She would always want me to dance with her in the kitchen very late at night telling me how much I'm like my father. Late one night I found Mom drunk passed out cold sleeping on the […] More

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    Im Bernice Broedriek From Uk And I Live Near Cardiff

    i confess im a real sissy fairy here in uk and guess it about time everyone knew about sissy me . im bernice broedriek from uk and i live near cardiff . i love wearing womans pink lingerie , nighties , stockings , heels and carrying pink handbags around , and if you want to […] More

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    I Have No Friends I Am Styding In A College

    I am alone and i cry a lot when there is nobody around me. I feel lonely in croud. I want to suicide but then i keep thinking of my grandmother that loves me more like anything in this world. i have no friends i am styding in a college . I never harmed anyone. […] More

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    Can’T Believe This Has Happened To Me

    I'm in a real mess. I graduated from high school in May and supposed to start college in August. In June four of my girlfriends and i went on a three days cruise to the Bahamas on The Navigator of the Seas as a graduation gift from our parents. None of us were virgins so […] More

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    I Still Can’T Get Around Without Crutches

    Have been on workmans compensation going on 3 years caused by falling 28 ft. off scaffolding on my job. Not only did I shatter my ankles but most of the bones in my feet were broken and also an ACL and meniscus in my right knee. I still can't get around without crutches. At 45 […] More

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    I Am A Secret Sissy Cock Lover

    I am a secret sissy cock lover. Whenever I get the chance I use a 10 inch black dildo for my anal pleasure. I have actually taught my self to cum just from riding my dildo. I have never climaxed so intensely. One of my favorite things to do is to lube up my dildo […] More

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    Am 30, And My Sis Is 27

    Am 30, and my sis is 27.. but still i want to make secret love to her.. she is skinny i want taste her pussy.. don't know how approach per with incest feels More

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