I Found My Curiosity Return In A Way I Couldn’T Control

There have been so many encounters I can't recall all of them.
As young boys we experimented amongst 3 or 4 of us giving each other oral and one of them was my brother.

One night he cam in to my room and after a brief 69 he got mounted me and before I knew it he orgasmed inside me.
Never was a word spoken about it.

I never had any other Male encounters until the internet chat rooms proliferated.

I found my curiosity return in a way I couldn't control.

I met a man who was very understanding and allowed me to look but never pressured me to engage.

It didnt take long for the urge to satisfy the curiosity took over.

I started to meet men and my libido was out of control.

Never in my life would I have thought I was bisexual in every sense of the word but …. I am.

I can't get past thinking I am wired so wrong.

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