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    Birthdays Bring me a Fear of Uncertainty

    BIRTHDAYS…. they are the synonyms for cake, cards, presents, and parties.. I am supposed to have a good time but when I don’t….I do have always this BIRTHDAY BLUES… birthdays bring me a fear of uncertainty When my sister becomes excited about our bday a day before (We r twins)… I would isolate myself and […] More

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    I was raped everyday from age 4 to 8

    I was raped everyday from age 4 to 8 before moving countries. I was in denial about it for years, until now, I’m trying to process some of what happened. it sent me into depression and I completely isolated myself, and it got worse during the pandemic. I dont know how to help myself anymore. […] More

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    I’m quite young. And I don’t HATE my family. They’ve looked afte me since I was a baby. But its confusing because half of my family doesn’t talk to the other half. I don’t have a father so my mum gets stressed. She drinks all the time. And sometimes verbally abuses me. I think I […] More