Want to die.

I pretty much wake up every day and have to get through it while I’m bombarded with suicidal thoughts and urges. I want to die but nobody even knows I’m depressed. I’m good at hiding it so that’s what I do. Just lie and pretend I’m happy and normal and fine. Fuck that. But I can’t tell anyone , I just don’t even know how. I’ll probably crack and kill myself soon and hurt people maybe and that thought makes me feel like shit but …I still wanna do it. I hate myself.
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  1. why die

    u said u r good at hiding ur pain from evryone around.but u should share ur problem with sombody , may it b ur best frnd, girlfrnd or somone else.

  2. Help self is the best help
    By doing small small difficult tasks you can improve your self confidence.Do this regularly.Appreciate yourself when you do it.Life is tough but not cruel.Face it and you will get your solution.Dont be afraid face the difficulties first.God always help those who can help themselves.

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